Victorian Licensee's Training Course (VLTC)

Licencees' First Step Course Outline

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Victorian Licensee's Training Course (VLTC)

Victorian Licensee's Training Course is a training course for licensees and nominees building new operations or transferring existing licences within Victoria. The Director of Liquor Licensing in Victoria requires that new Licensees and Nominees complete Licensees’ First Step before granting a liquor license. Hospitality Training Victoria has been approved by the Director of Liquor Licensing to deliver the Licensees’ First Step throughout Victoria.

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is a pre-requisite for staff undertaking the Victorian Licensee's Training Course

Do I need this Certificate?

Most new liquor licence applicants will be required to complete the full day course at a total cost of $170.00.

Those applicants who do not already have their Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate will also need to complete 3.5 hour session

The aim of the Victorian Licensee's Training Course is to provide an overview of Victorian liquor licensing laws, and associated issues that will enable licensees to comply with their legal obligations and contribute to minimising alcohol related harm in the community.

Course content

  • Purpose of Victoria’s liquor laws
  • Role of the Regulatory Authorities
  • Understanding / interpreting liquor licence requirements
  • Common offences
  • Managing best practice
  • Licensee forums and accords


Course participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement on successful completion of the course.


Hospitality Training Australia has been accepted by the VCGLR to deliver the Victorian Licensees’ Training Course.


Each competent participant will receive an accredited certificate

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